Tools of the Trade

Forks, hammers, tractors and plows will always be tools used on the farm.
But these days more and more farmers need computer software to manage the
large herd, large acreage farms of today.
Find out how Agritrends new tools of the trade
can get your computer working for you... 


August 11, 2017
Agritrend develops the "AgTrace Crop Module" with the help of for AgTrace. An upgrade path
from Landtrend will be available soon.

AgTrace was established in 2002 to deliver
traceability to the food chain. Using ISO 9002-type systems,
 AgTrace is focused on providing quality control and
traceability of food products throughout the production,
processing, and supply chain.

August 9, 2017

Landtrend Palm Companion now Available!

Getting behind on your crop records? Why wait to input at your office computer, when you can do it in the tractor. Planting, Fertilizing, Spraying, and Harvest records are a few taps away with LT Palm - Palm Pilot software companion
for Landtrend v3.0.

August 3, 2017:

Landtrend 3.0 released
-The new Landtrend download is a 45% smaller download than version 2.
-Simpler user interface, and updated look.
-Multiple planting in a single crop year.
-Share farming.
-Grid sampling.
-More detailed breakeven.
-More Misc. Income and Expense categories.
-Report Builder for building your own custom reports.
-Palm Pilot integration.
-AgLeader GPS integration, 3D GPS Maps. *Coming Soon
-Improved Backup, Restore, Email to support.
-One click data Repair